CareOmax 2-In-1 Spiky Massage Ball Set

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The CareOmax 2-In-1 Spiky Massage Ball Set provides and easy way to relieve pain, ease muscle tension, improve flexibility, and increase your performance. The set is created for a healthy-lifestyle and combines an inflatable spiky massage ball with a normal spiky massage ball.

  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve blood flow
  • Aid in injury prevention and recovery
  • Help alleviate postural tension
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Safe


Therapeutic Self Massage and Recovery.

Self-therapy has never been so easy. Perfect for various muscle conditions and stress relief.

Massage balls have been used for centuries for their benefits over the body. The CareOmax 2-In-1 Spiky Massage Ball Set includes two massage balls with different types of spikes for different body areas and muscle groups.

Due to myofascial trigger points, the spiky massage balls combined with your body’s pressure help release muscle tightness.

Relieves Sore Muscles
Helps Alleviate Postural Tension
Improves Blood Flow
Promotes Relaxation
Easy to Use


The spiky massage balls can be used for multiple purposes, from inducing a sense of calmness to the whole body to relieving nasty aches that make day-to-day life a burden. Integrate the spiky massage balls into your daily routine, before or after a workout, or when you want to relax after a tiring day.


With hundreds of tiny acupressure spikes, the massage balls can activate the body’s main trigger points to alleviate pain, reduce tightness, and accelerate the healing process after strenuous activities or an intense workout.


The spiky massage balls boast a simple but durable design. They are constructed from a high-quality, lightweight material, so you can enjoy the benefits of massage balls wherever you go.

Product Specs

Color Grey
Material PVC
Weight 195 g (125 g + 75 g)
Diameter 9 cm and 7.5 cm


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