CareOmax 3 In 1 Massage Set

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When you need a deep recovery massage at home, office, gym, or on-the-go, the CareOmax 3 In 1 Massage Set is the best choice to alleviate sore muscles, induce relaxation, and improve your overall well-being.

  • 1 x Mini foam roller
  • 1 x Smooth massage ball
  • 1 x Textured massage ball
  • Designed for deep tissue massage
  • Ideal for recovery, fitness, and yoga
  • Helps improve flexibility
  • Carry bag included


Massage Your Body. Anytime. Anywhere.

The innovative CareOmax 3 In 1 Massage Set accelerates muscle recovery, releases tension, and induces relaxation.

This set is designed for everyone who wants to stay fit, healthy, and fully functional. It is easy to incorporate into your fitness or yoga routine to enhance recovery after intense activities, to warm up and improve your workout performance, or take better care of your body and enjoy every day of your life to the fullest.

With the CareOmax 3 In 1 Massage Set consisting of a mini-size foam roller, a smooth ball, and a textured ball, it is like having your personal massage therapist always with you!

Deep Tissue Massage
Ideal for Recovery, Fitness and Yoga
Targeted Pain Relief
Improves Flexibility
Promotes Relaxation


Do the best for your muscles with three different self-massage tools. The CareOmax 3 In 1 Massage Set targets sore muscles, releases stress within the body, and helps alleviate aches and discomfort.


The mini memory foam is perfect for improving flexibility, balance, and strength; the smooth ball can be used to apply a gentle massage to shoulders, back, legs, glutes, and hands, while the textured ball provides a restorative deep tissue massage to all muscle groups.


The CareOmax 3 In 1 Massage Set is a must-have for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and everyone who wants to enjoy an active lifestyle on-the-go. It comes with a dedicated carry bag so you can easily take your precious massage tools anywhere you go.

Product Specs

Mini Foam Roller

Color Black
Material 100% EPP
Size 15×5.3 cm
Weight 18 g

Use it for a variety of exercise routines, from balance and core abdominal work to back stabilization, flexibility, and strength training.

  • Gentle Tissue Massage
  • Back, Lats, Shoulders, Quads, Hamstrings, Delts
  • Floor, Char, Wall
  • Full Body Weight

Smooth Ball

Color Black
Material 100% EPP
Diameter 8 cm
Weight 10 g

Optimal size for precise targeting and penetration. Firm grip against wood floors, walls or your skin.

  • Gentle & Deep Tissue Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Shoulders, Back, Chest, Abdomen, Glutes, Legs, Hips, Forearms, Head, Hands
  • Floor, Chair, Wall
  • Full Body Weight

Textured Ball

Color Black
Material 100% EPP
Diameter 10 cm
Weight 15 g

Effectively target and treat trigger points with a surface designed to penetrate with added shear.

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Gentle Light Tissue & Scar Tissue Massage
  • Head, Face, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Spine, Chest, Abdomen, Glutes, Hips, Legs, Arms
  • Floor, Chair, Wall
  • Full Body Weight


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