CareOmax NuOne Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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$179.00 USD

Powerful but extremely quiet, this is the ultimate deep tissue massage gun that uses advanced percussive therapy for pain control, body relaxation, and muscle recovery. It targets the pain directly and provides fast results.

  • Relieves stiff muscles
  • Alleviates pain
  • Promotes muscle activation and recovery
  • Helps break down knots
  • Eases joint pain
  • Reduces foot cramps
  • Improves blood flow
  • Has 5 interchangeable massage heads
  • Has 9 intensity levels
  • Super-quiet and portable


Fight Muscle Soreness, Boost Recovery, and Reduce Stress.

Enjoy a comfortable and safe massage experience. Stay strong and pain-free.

CareOmax Deep Tissue Massage Gun is a powerful self-recovery tool designed to help you naturally relieve muscle soreness, boost muscle recovery, and beat stress. It is portable, and it can be used anywhere by anyone. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and office workers will love it.

The massage gun comes with five interchangeable heads. With long battery life, you can enjoy up to four hours of massage per charge.

What makes it unique? It is powerful but quiet. It features a 14mm amplitude for deep tissue penetration to boost recovery time and relieve muscle pain in minutes.

Quick Pain Relief
Relieves Sore Muscles
Targeted Relief
Multiple Massage Uses
Convenient Case


With CareOmax Deep Tissue Massage Gun, you can easily manage pain and enjoy the benefits of a real massage in the comfort of your home. This innovative massage gun uses the power of percussion therapy for a seamless experience.


CareOmax Deep Tissue Massage Gun comes with five different massage heads suitable for each group of muscles, joints, and deep tissue. Use the sphere head and the flat head for all body muscle parts. The air cushion head is designed for soft tissue, cartilage, and sensitive muscle groups. For small muscle groups, joints and muscle knots use the pointed head. Enjoy a relaxing spinal and shoulder massage with the twin head.


Easily customize your massage experience with nine different intensity levels. With an easy control system, you can choose between three pre-programmed automatic massage modes ranging from a delicate massage to a warm-up/post-workout massage, and deep tissue massage.


CareOmax Deep Tissue Massage Gun is designed to be used by anyone, from athletes and professional trainers who want to increase their performance, to fitness enthusiasts and office workers who need a bit of muscle relief. Simply target the body area where you feel pain or soreness and let it do its job for instant results.


You can use CareOmax Deep Tissue Massage Gun at home, at the gym, or at the office anytime. It features a 24V high power motor and stable construction with precisely calibrated vibration to deliver a powerful yet quiet percussive therapy massage. The maximum noise output is 60dB at the maximum speed level of 3300 RPM.


This powerful device is fuelled by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery with a four-hour life that guarantees a consistent power throughout the massage. Unlike other similar devices, the battery drains 30% slower and discharges evenly to improve your experience.


With CareOmax Deep Tissue Massage Gun, it is like having a massage therapist with you whenever you need it. You can easily carry it anywhere in its compact, dedicated case.

Product Specs

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 230*240*75 mm
Speed options 9 Options (900-3300 rpm)
Noise level 60 dB
Amplitude 14 mm
Battery life 3-4 hours
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS Certified
Package includes x1 massager, x1 travel case, x1 charger, x5 massage heads

3 reviews for CareOmax NuOne Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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  1. Sheila W

    Working on the computer every day for hours is stressing my shoulder muscles. I’m so happy to have found this massage gun because it eased my pain a lot!

  2. Rosario X.

    Honestly, I was skeptical before I bought this, especially with a price tag like this. But now, I can’t understand how I lived without it! This thing is so easy to use and it works wonders!

  3. Martie M.

    I’m very happy with my purchase. This massage gun is very quiet compared to the ones I used before. I wish I knew about it before.

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