CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager

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$115.00 USD

Easily reduce pain and relieve sore, stiff hands after a hard-working day with CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager.

  • Reduces pain caused by arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Alleviates discomfort.
  • Promotes blood flow.
  • Induces relaxation.
  • Helps loosen tight hand muscles.
  • Increases fingers flexibility.
  • Has a compact design.
  • Easy to use at home.


Enjoy Soothing Relief in Your Hand with CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager.

A personalized massage in the comfort of your home.

Spending endless hours typing at the computer or working? You carry a lot of tension in your hands after a hard-working day, so they need a massage.

CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager is a smart tool that brings the benefits of a real massage in the palm of your hand. By targeting the pressure points in your hand through air pressure, it helps improve blood circulation, release tension, and induce calmness, just like a traditional massage. All with a push of a button.

CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager incorporates heat therapy to keep your hands warm and induce relaxation.

Reduces Sore Hands
Soothes Hand Numbness
Induces Relaxation
2 Heat Levels
3 Intensity Levels
Easy to Use

Hand Pain Relief

CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager is a self-massage gadget designed for hand numbness, stiffness, and pain caused by arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, working with your hands, excessive computer work or phone use.

Targeted Acupressure Massage

Through integrated air compression therapy, CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager targets various hand pressure points. It helps loosen tight muscles, reduces fatigue and discomfort while inducing relaxation to body and mind.

Soothing Heat Therapy

Heat therapy provides the ultimate relaxation for the joints of your hands. It improves blood circulation while keeping your hands warm on cold days.

Personalized Massage

With three intensity levels, two heat levels, and two hand size options, you can easily customize your massage experience to enjoy all its benefits. To get the most out of CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager, use it for 15 minutes every day.

Compact & Portable Design

Enjoy instant relief anywhere and anytime. CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager has a compact and portable design. You can use it at home after a stressful day, at the office when you need a break, or at the gym to warm up your hands before the workout.

Safe & Easy To Use

CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager is easily rechargeable with USB Type-C Charging Cable. One charge provides hours of hand massage. It shuts off automatically after 15 minutes for extra safety.

Product Specs

MATERIAL ABS, cloth cover
SIZE 210 x 178 x 104 mm
BATTERY 1800 mAh
FEATURES • 6 functions
• 3 strength adjustment levels
• 2 heating levels

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24 reviews for CareOmax Lisa Electric Hand Therapy Massager

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  1. Edward J. S.

    I love this product. Between my job in IT and my love for writing, I type for 10-12 hours a day. In the past, I’ve paid to have hand massages at salons to ease the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, but those were expensive and don’t compare to the options the Hand Massager offers.

  2. Luisa

    Got this hand massager last week. I was suprised at how the pressure is even at low level. I’m 5 feet so very short and my hands are tiny small. Yet sometimes it hurts a bit but in the end it feels good.

  3. Tom K.

    This product is worth the money. When I first used the product, I did not know what to expect but when it started massaging my hand, it gave me relief. My hand had been hurting for a while now but when the option with heat was put on, it relieved my hand and took the discomfort away. The hand massager also worked on compression and pressure points. It has many options from which you can choose from and to be honest the best option for me was the heated max intensity option after a hard-working day.
    I would give this product a 10/10 because of portability, massaging, and build quality.

  4. Donna M.

    An easy to use and sleek-looking gadget from the exterior with a digital panel contributing to the overall nice look. The interior is covered with a synthetic fabric reducing the hand sweat when the heating function is used.
    The massager works by squeezing your palm up to the wrist using different pressure patterns, also applying point-pressure all around the affected areas. The heat function contributes to the overall relaxed feeling.
    Does it help a person working with a keyboard all day long and practicing piano? Having used it for a couple of weeks twice a day for 10m each hand, I can definitely feel the improvement. Ah, and the included finger massager can be used on virtual meetings (when not typing) to keep the fingers relaxed.

  5. Kerry B.

    I got this to help with my wrist and hand discomfort from computer work and DeQuervains tendinitis. At first I was skeptical of it but after using it, it got the blood flowing more and it seemed to help lessen the tightness.

  6. Coley

    This has been great. I’m a hair stylist and my hand and wrist are in a lot of discomforts all the time and this thing actually helps a lot. The massage itself doesn’t feel that great like a real hand massage. This this squeezes the hand and wrist, I was expecting something else but I love it. It’s fabulous

  7. Keith

    I have a desk job that I use a mouse a lot. As a right-handed person, even with an ergonomic mouse, my right wrist still suffers from bad sprain and strain, but not bad enough to have carpel tunnel (according to my doctor). This hand massage is simple, yet it gets the job done to disomfort momentarily, at least until I get back to work.

    I am quite surprised how strong (tight) the compression is even at level 1. So if you are using this for the first time, I highly recommend sticking with level 1 for the first round and adjust accordingly. I wish it has more than just compression, like kneading and/or tapping and/or shiatsu etc.. but of coz the price point would skyrocket lol…

  8. Mike P.

    Got this as a gift from my husband. I had hand surgery (sebaceous cyst removal and trigger finger tendon release). It help with my post surgery care. I have to massage the scar to tenderize the area. And this device wonderfully did the job. I also have stiffening/tightness of my fingers and my massager takes care of it. Ah the comfort!!!

  9. Ken

    If you’re on the fence; or unsure about whether this is the product you need for your hand soreness and discomfort do not delay another moment- this device will bring the relief you need. The pressure this thing can apply ranges from “therapeutic and comfy” to “Oh my god there’s a bus parked on my hand” (my favorite setting, by the way). The modes are kind of nonsensical, but you’ll find a favorite and stick with it. Best purchase of 2022 by a long shot.

  10. Alexandria

    The Hand Massager is just what i was looking for. I use my computer a lot and the mouse does a number on the arthritis in my hands. This massager relieves that discomfort and tension. The heat feature is awesome. The inflatable pressure feels amazing and i have only used the low setting so far. The massager is plenty long for my wrist to be included in the massage and it feels great. I had tried another hand massager which was similar to the CareOmax for twice the price, but i like the CareOmax much better. What a great value!

  11. Dave L.

    My boyfriend had complained that his hands always hurt after a long day at work. I was looking at one that was really expensive but reviews were not really that good. Then I found this one and ordered it. He loves it. At first he was using it every night as soon as he got home but now only has to use it a out three time a week. He says that he no discomfort in his hands even after a 14 hour day!!

  12. Mark B.

    I love it I have carpal tunnel and my hands get numb and hurt. The massage helps keep blood moving to easy the symptoms.

  13. Jane B.

    I had a a pretty bad case of carpal tunnel in my left hand and opted for accupuncture over surgery. The treatments healed my hand but I still have residual tingling the tips of my thumb, forefinger and ring finger which I am told could take a long time to go away. This massager always makes my hand feel better and seems to be helping with the numbness. It is portable, easy to use and the battery charge last a long time. The heat option could be a little warmer but all in all I am very satisfied.

  14. Nocole A.

    I purchased this for RA in my fingers. Turns out my wrist needed a massage just as bad! Really like it.

  15. Anon

    I bought this for my mom for her birthday. She’s getting older and spent most of her life doing very intricate work with her hands. She still does and she raves about how nice this is to use at the end of the day with a glass of wine. The wine might help too but she also says this feels great and soothes her hands.

  16. Svitlana

    I’m starting to experience some arthritis discomfort in my hands, and my husband found this machine for me. I was sort of reluctant about buying it, but I’m so glad he did because it’s a great hand massager. I love how it compresses my hand and give such a nice massage all the way to my wrist. I just got it two days ago and it feels amazing in my fingers!! I tried the low intensity first and it was more than enough to start with, and had been using it twice a day. The finger massager feels great and it is such a convenient size that I could put it in my purse. I do strongly recommend this hand massager to anyone with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome!!

  17. Svitlana

    I bought this to help relieve the discomfort my hands from carpal tunnel, arthritis, and diabetes. It is a lot different from anything I have used before, it puts pressure on your hand the same way a blood pressure cuff works, and it has the same sound when it’s running. It does a good job of putting pressure, and I had significant improvement after the first 5 minute session. It increased my mobility and decreased the inflammation. I used the heat option and it works, I just wanted more warmth. The pressure on my hands felt so good that I increased it and was pleasantly surprised at how much pressure it applies. I can’t wait to feel the results after using this day after day. So easy to use right out of the box, no assembly and only a couple buttons to push.

  18. Svitlana

    I was so excited to receive my hand massager. The colors are very cute and it looks very well made and durable. I immediately turned it on and was surprised at the intensity of the massager. It has lots of power and even uses accu pressure on your wrist. I found that the low intensity and refresh setting was the best for me. I like how the refresh setting does both your hand and wrist. It is also very handy that it is wireless. You can also choose 5,10 or 15 minute sessions. This device is perfect for achy, tired hands. It also comes with a finger massaging tool that felt great. Can’t wait to use it again tomorrow!

  19. Svitlana

    Easy to use and my hand feels better after each use. Really like it so far! Ships fast….

  20. Svitlana

    My 98 year old mom has severe carpal tunnel and also dupendrens disease. She wakes up often with pain and burning in both hands.
    This product gives her relief from her discomfort
    What more could you ever ask for
    Thank you so much

  21. Svitlana

    This product has completely exceeded my expectations! It’s so powerful! It does a very nice way in like kneading your hands. It has different settings and you can choose from different levels of intensity. My personal favorite is the ‘relax’ setting. Your hand and your wrist are being treated and feel so much better when you’re done. Make sure you really put your hand in all the way, until you feel it resting on a little cushion. Battery life is very long. It has a timer with different options. The heater option is great but after a while I found myself not needing it anymore because the massage itself warms up your hand. My mother loves it too. She has severe arthritis in her hands and she finds this amazingly comforting. A big winner!

  22. Svitlana

    Bought this for my mom who couldn’t use her hand due to arthritis. She had huge lumps on her joints and discomfort. Within one day of using this the lumps were gone! Not smaller but gone. She had use of her hand without discomfort. This machine has a been a miracle. One note for new users is to start slow at the lowest setting them build yourself up.

  23. Svitlana

    I crochet…. ALOT! And this is helping my hands not hurt so much. It’s sleek lightweight and is comfortable! I enjoy this machine so far!
    Customer service is quick and efficient when placing my warranty

  24. Svitlana

    I bought one for my mother in law, and it looked so nice I bought one for myself. I really enjoy using it – it feels great on the hands – warm and comforting, yet also gives a good massage. As I’m just starting to get a bit of arthritis, I feel continued use of this will help the stiffness. Also great customer service – quick and understandable communication.

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